How to Prevent Injuries During Exercise.

Many people enthusiastically start a new exercise program just to get sidelined shortly after due to a fitness injury. With the right precautions and mind set this can be prevented. Warm Up It is imperative to warm up before each workout to ensure that the muscles and surrounding tissue receive enough blood and nutrients to […]

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Protect Your Knees

You may be able to protect the ligaments in your knees to some degree by weight training, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament. ACL tears in young female athletes are far too common, and we see “noncontact” ACL tears in football games, where the ligament ruptures while the player is running. There are new ideas for […]

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Avoid these 6 Bench Pressing Errors

Q: When I bench-press, I lower the bar to a point near my collarbones. I feel more stretch in my pecs that way, but I keep having problems with my shoulders, and my bench press never seems to progress. What am I doing wrong? A: Your bench-pressing technique is distorted. Done correctly, the bench press is an excellent exercise for most […]

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