Combining Vitamin C with Arginine can give you a Nitric Oxide boost

Nitric oxide supplements (or NO supplements) have become very popular in the fitness and bodybuilding industry during the last several years, simply because they demonstrated an increase in lean muscle mass as well as endurance during intense exercise exercise. Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is readily converted into nitric oxide inside the body, so […]

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The 10 Lies About Fitness and Health You Should Stop Believing

Lie #1: Slimmer people are healthy, overweight people aren’t. Someone’s look is not an accurate indicator of how healthy he or she is. It’s not unusual for a slim person to be a couch potato or a chain smoker or even both. And on the other part of the weight spectrum, it’s entirely possible for […]

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How to Choose the Best Pre-Workout Products

Do you need more energy for your next workout? Are you tired and fatigued? Pre-workout supplements might be exactly what you need. These products deliver greater pumps, long lasting energy, and improved focus. They are ideal for anyone who needs that little push to get going! Most pre-workout supplements contain protein, amino acid, beta-alanine, creatine, and […]

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