The Future Is Here, and It Looks a Lot Like This Oral Sex Café Staffed By Sex Robots

Would you pay 75 bucks to dispense your own creamer? An oral sex café is opening in London as Brits brace themselves to experience their first orgasmic latte. The store, tentatively dubbed the Fellatio Café, plans to serve up coffee and pastries with a happy ending from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., according to The Huffington Post. […]

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Age Against The Machine

An unexamined life can cause as much damage as a poor diet and lack of exercise. So you’ve been reading and training hard for years now, and both your training and nutrition are dialed in. Members of the opposite sex are taking notice as your age-group peers slip into indolence and mediocrity. Congratulations! It took […]

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