Summer makes us all crave wearing lighter colors; the refreshing color palette is perfect for staying cool in the sunny, warm climate. But perhaps the most versatile and stylish light hue to wear—out of all the tones in the color spectrum—is a clean, crisp white. And who doesn’t love sporting a relaxed pair of kicks in the summer (or all year long for that matter)? This is all to say that a pair of white sneakers will complement and enhance just about everything in your summer wardrobe.

In fact, all-white kicks can look just as good with these summer wedding suits as they do with these summer shorts and even with these summer button-down shirts. But, guys can be pretty particular about the shoe shape (low top or high?) and the material (leather or canvas?) they prefer. So, we hunted down tons of white sneakers in an array of textures and price points, and narrowed them down to 15 of the coolest and, of course, most fashion-foward pairs for every guy out there.

Take your pick—they’ll all help elevate your summer style game.

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