First we brought you the best button-down shirts for men to wear in the summer heat, you know, for the work week grind or weekend barbecues. But what about the lower-key occasions—like kicking back with your friends at the park—that don’t call for such a stiff style? Those events call for a casual t-shirt that projects a cool, laid-back vibe.

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But, you also want to avoid creating massive—and eventually permanent—pit stains when running (or sitting) around in the humid, 100-degree weather. To do that, you want to steer clear of clothes that are made with 100% cotton; they’ll absorb and lock in moisture causing your body temperature to rise and generate sweat. Instead, stick with attire that’s made with natural fibers (like linen, merino wool, and chambray); they’re lightweight and let your body breathe. Opt for performance-enhancing materials, like quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology, to repel any sweat that still manages to seep out. And consider lighter colors, as they reflect light and heat.

This summer we’ve got you covered with the following selection of t-shirts which include all of these specs. Better yet, we made sure they’re the best-looking tops out there right now so you can conquer summer with confidence. From v-necks to crew necks in the classic colors you need, here are the 10 best options for every budget.

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