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Anorexic On Brink Of Death Turns Life Around, Here’s How She Looks Today

Pictures of a formerly anorexic woman’s major transformation are going viral after her story was posted online. After teetering on the brink of death and coming extremely close to going over the edge, she managed to fully turn her life around – and you should see what she looks like now.

Sarah Ramadan states that her problems began when she was just 14 years of age. At that time, she states that she began having feelings of depression and insecurity which would later develop into the disorder known as anorexia nervosa.



People with anorexia stop eating in order to lose weight, but Sarah’s case was so personal that she had a deep relationship with it. Calling it Ed — the personification of Sarah’s eating disorder – Sarah states that losing weight was great as she felt better about herself at first.


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I remember always being cold. Despite the layers of clothing that wrapped around my body, I didn’t know warmth and all of its colors. Nothing stopped the sun, but rather something stopped me. Sensations were supressed; Numbness ruled. There was no fear greater than a sensation beyond the scope of my knowing. Caressed in a comfort astray from chaos, I could write my name for you all. But tell me what fire is, and I wouldn’t know. Because when you dance in the winter for so long, you tend to forget. In mechanical consumption and withering pursuit, concepts were sane in strictures so hollow. They ceased to correlate to the boundlessness of life. I wanted this boundlessness; I always did. But how on earth was I to escape all that I knew? How am I to escape buried beliefs and tragic self-love stories. How am I to reap wonder while I fear the path my feet must pace? How do you run away from, if you don’t know what you’re running for? My answers were close. They lived in my heart. All I had to do was listen.💜 In courage, the fingers of my hands interlocked with one another and I found a safety that was grounded, a safety far more compelling than anorexia could ever be. I lived in my skin, and for the first time in my life, it was the only place I wanted to be. Bite after bite, intents nourished and seeds planted. Step after step, Ideas manifested and flowers flourished. Numbness wins no more. Stay strong everyone. 🌷 #TransformationTuesday #StrongNotSick #FightForGrowth _______ I invite you all to read my story on (The link will be in my bio) 💜

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Unfortunately, things only went downhill from there as the disorder progressed. In 2011, Sarah was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with the disorder and ended up spending 7 months in an intensive treatment facility. However, her time there didn’t change a thing as she shortly thereafter relapsed.


Eventually, Sarah became so weak that she could no longer walk without the assistance of her mother, and she even became dependent on the use of a wheelchair. She was readmitted into the hospital in January of 2014 as her condition was so dire that her life was at risk.


As if her legs being too weak to support the minimal weight of her body wasn’t bad enough, Sarah also developed an irregular heartbeat and struggled to breathe as the muscles around her heart and lungs weren’t strong enough to operate the vital body parts.


In short, her organs were shutting down, soon to be for good, and Sarah couldn’t have cared less. At her worst, she couldn’t even move without her vision going to black – and that’s when she knew she needed a change. In her own words, “Either Ed dies, or I die.”


At that time, Sarah began to voluntarily work with her therapist to not only save her own life, but gain the weight needed to become healthy once more. Not knowing where to start, she ended up leaning on her brother for guidance who just so happened to be very much into health and fitness.


Seeing how he was a body builder, Sarah decided to follow in his footsteps – and was eventually able to do just that. With her new outlook on life, and the help of her brother, she was able to steadily gain weight and even put on a little muscle.


Diligence and hard work played their parts, but with her brother doing weekly checks on her, there was no way she could fail. Soon enough, Sarah began to display the life that had been breathed into her only after she’d reached her lowest point in life.


She would later write:

In training for strength, I fell in love. I began to feel strong in my body, and rather than slimming intentions, I started experiencing a captivating sense of growth.

Today, Sarah runs an Instagram account meant to inspire anyone – but mostly those suffering from self-image problems. Life is too short to be so concerned with the way we look that we’re willing to risk our lives for what we believe to be the epitome of perfection. Death comes too soon for many people on this earth, there’s no point in voluntarily hurrying the process ourselves. Be proud of who you are.


Credit goes to: Sarah Ramadan.