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The Power of Setting Goals Getting Fitness Transformation – The Ramses Principe Story [Mia Fitness]


Aflete recently spoke with Ramses Principe [Mia Fitness]– the bodybuilder and personal trainer who shares his fitness motivation, bodybuilding workouts and inspiration with over 90 thousand followers on social media under the account Mia_Fitness. It would be easy to see Ramses and assume everything has gone his way, a sponsored athlete for 1Up Nutrition having just competed and taken 5th in his weight class at the Rugby Championship in Miami, but that isn’t so. Ramses has overcome adversity through his life, take setbacks and re-assessed his situation to always set new goals and always keep on achieving. Having shown amazing promise as a high school player Ramses had his sights set on the NFL and obtained a sports scholarship to the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky where he was well on his way until a shoulder injury forced him out of the game he loves. Enjoy reading Mia fitness transformation.

Rather than be down on his misfortune Ramses has continued his love of health and fitness, both through his bodybuilding and his academics where he is working towards becoming an expert in exercise and conditioning so he may one day return to the sport he loves as the strength and conditioning coach of a NFL team.

Ramses is a truly inspirational young man who reminds us that when it appears one opportunity has faded we must never accept defeat as there is always another way to work towards achieving our goals.

Can you tell us a little about yourself, when you started training, do you currently study, work etc.?

I’ve been training for over 8 years, but after I suffered a serious injury to my shoulder that cause me to stop playing football in college, I came back home and started personal training while still going to school at Barry university where I’m actually about to graduate with my bachelor in exercise science in December of 2014. 

What was your main motivation behind improving your physique?

My main motivation was knowing that I was capable of doing it, I just needed to stick to a plan and not give up. 

How important is your diet when training? 

Diet is everything when really trying to get lean, its Diet before training. As far as Carb cycling a lot of people have mix feelings about it. I personally thing it works great but it’s not an easy diet to follow as it can get rough sometimes. 

Why do you like sharing fitness and food pictures on Instagram? Do you do it to inspire and help other people? For fun? Promotion?

I like to share my daily journey because it’s my way to show everyone that it is not impossible to live a healthy lifestyle while still working full time and going to school full time, because if I’m able to then so should everyone else. And it’s also a great way to push my service as a personal trainer and give examples for others to take and learn from me as well as in order to get business for myself.

One piece of advice for others who are trying to be healthier?

Make sure you take care of what you’re putting into your body, because if you really want to lose weight then diet is the main thing to be looked at. 

How would you feel about Aflete, a social app purely for food, health and fitness?

I think that’s the next thing that needs to be invented in order to get the message of a healthy lifestyle to everyone out there.  


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