Flex Wheeler Comeback Diaries: The Problem With Flex’s Shoulders (6 Weeks Out Olympia 2017)

Flex Wheeler visits the “Athlete Whisperer”

FLEX WHEELER: THE COMEBACK DIARIES – is a weekly show documenting the progress of Flex Wheeler’s comeback as he trains towards the Mr. Olympia 2017 in the Classic Physique division. Become a fly on the wall of Flex’s very own video diary to see the struggles and triumphs of returning to an Olympia-ready physique. Airs every Friday.

Flex Wheeler has another training and prep update now that we are just about 6 weeks away from the Olympia 2017. This week Flex hits hard with alternate training methods as he is unable to train the same way as in his youth – mostly due to past surgeries and injuries.

Flex also visits a doctor known as the “athlete whisperer” who took a look at Flex’s rotator cuffs and offers improvement so he could push more weight thus leading to more gains in smaller detailed areas. Watch the entire episode of Flex Wheeler: The Comeback Diaries above!


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