Best Physique – 72 year old Heinz-Werner Bongard

Heinz-Werner Bongard

Heinz-Werner is a German bodybuilder | multiple German Champion and Vice Champion in bodybuilding and Bench Press| 72 years |????Germany.

Heinz Werner Bongard grew into an der Ruhr Mülheim on. In his youth Bongard began wrestling and boxing ; during his military service in the 1960s came the weightliftingadded.

Due to problems of the musculoskeletal system Heinz Werner Bongard started with special strength and bodybuilding training. A short time later, he launched successful in bodybuilding professional competitions (National Championships).

In the 1980s and 1990s, Heinz Werner Bongard launched for newly introduced Seniors Championships. Here he was more success in state and federal competitions in the senior classes “40” or “50” celebrations. Moreover Bongard acted as judges in various competitions.

His biggest bodybuilding success had Heinz Werner Bongard as 61-year-old at the German Seniors Championship 2005 in Duisburg : He was winner in the age group “60”.

In 2008 followed the 64-year-old Bongard of NRW seniors championship in bodybuilding. His current competition weight of 72 kg at a height of 1.74 m.

About the bodybuilding success of Heinz Werner Bongard and about his gym beamed RTL of two film documentaries.

Heinz Werner Bongard is a skilled baker and worked until his retirement as chief drivers for a large company in Krefeld . He is married and has two daughters.




All credits goes to: Heinz Werner Bongard