Arnold Classic 2018 Worldwide Schedule

Arnold Classic is becoming a global powerhouse.

A lot of questions have been raised ever since the IFBB and IFBB Pro League have separated.The shake up has left many things in question, specifically how bodybuilders can turn pro and rise through the ranks to compete at the biggest bodybuilding shows in the world. Yet despite this rift, bodybuilding shows are still being conducted without fail and will proceed as usual.

While some things change others stay the same and the Arnold Sports Festival is keeping to it’s usually March schedule. The Arnold Classic has become a worldwide event and has gained immensely in popularity. While the shake up was thought to potential affect the international scene, it seems that the Arnold Classic is moving forward without any hiccups.

Below is a copy of the 2018 schedule for all the worldwide Arnold Classic events.

2017-10-23 (11)

2017-10-23 (12)

2017-10-23 (13)

Are you excited for the Arnold Classic events in 2018?