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Living a healthier life can not only extend your life, it can also improve the quality. Feeling physically better and having control over your own life can greatly increase your mental health as well. Although there are some aspects of physical and m

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Jeff Seid Nutrition

What is Nutrition? Simply said, Nutrition is the study of food at work in our bodies, our source for energy, and the medium for which our nutrients can function. Think of nutrition as the building blocks of life.

The essential nutrients for life i

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David Laid Motivation

It’s often said that getting fit and staying healthy are mainly in the mind: they’re a matter of motivation. What’s less frequently mentioned is that the mind is a uniquely disobliging thing; it rarely does what you tell it, and often seems to

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Cholesterol: What causes high cholesterol ? Is diet the real cause?

Do you have high cholesterol ? Should you blame your diet ? Almost everyone blames the fats or carbs or the combination of both for increased cholesterol levels. But almost no one is paying attention to the effects of stress on blood cholesterol and the mechanisms by which stress affects our blood lipids. Biochemistry textbooks […]

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‘I’m back!’ – Arnold Schwarzenegger Wakes from Heart Surgery

Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is in a stable condition after undergoing emergency open-heart surgery, his representatives said Friday, adding that his first words on waking were “I’m back.” The 70-year-old actor turned activist — famous for the catchphrase “I’ll be back” — was in a Los Angeles hospital Thursday to have a valve replaced and […]

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Breaking News : Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Emergency Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly underwent emergency open-heart surgery on Thursday due to complications from a related experimental procedure. According to TMZ, the 70-year-old star went to the hospital for an experimental procedure to replace a catheter valve. Allegedly, he developed complications during the somewhat experimental replacement and doctors quickly decided to perform open-heart surgery. Fortunately, the […]

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